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  Frequent Questions

How do I register?
After you locate the course you would like to take by using the Course Finder, click on the name of the college offering the course under the Register At column. This link will take you to the registration information for that particular college.

How much does it cost?
The colleges in the consortium have their own pricing structure for the courses they offer. The current cost information is usually listed along with the registration information on the college's website. Keep in mind that the cost of any required text books is not included in the course cost information.

Who teaches online classes?
The majority of online instructors are full-time faculty members at member colleges. In all cases, the instructors have undertaken extensive training in online instruction and have redesigned their existing classes to best accommodate this mode of instructional delivery.

Are these classes transferable to other colleges?
Online courses enjoy the same transferability as those offered by the provider-institution in a traditional classroom environment. As with all courses, students are encouraged to consult the transfer requirements of the institution to which they intend to transfer for specific information.

What computer skills do I need to take a web class?
Basic computer skills are required for web classes. These skills include sending and receiving email, word processing, cutting and pasting within documents, toggling between applications and using email attachments. In specialized courses, other skills may be required. These requirements will be listed under Special Considerations in the course description.

What if I need to talk with my instructor?
Once enrolled, instructors are always available to students via email. In some courses, instructors hold regular live Chat sessions, post electronic office hours and list telephone numbers they can be reached at. Early reports from online students suggest they have as much, if not more, access to instructors in an online course than in the traditional classroom setting.

Can I purchase my textbooks online?
Yes, students can use familiar outlets such as or to purchase textbooks online. Some MCO member campus bookstores will also process online book orders. Students are advised to consult their local campus bookstore first, as online providers can be out-of-stock or in a back-ordered situation which may cause serious delays.

What is the refund policy if I don’t like an online course?
Currently, refund policies are those in effect at the provider institution and should be consulted on a course-by-course basis. These policies can be found at the provider college’s web site.

What are some other sources of education information in Massachusetts?
Massachusetts Department of Education
Massachusetts Board of Higher Education
Community College Executive Office

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