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  High School Students can take Online College Courses

High school students, parents, and school personnel can quickly search the entire MCO catalog of courses to find courses that are available for high school students. Just click on the “more options” box at the bottom of the search window and fill in the box which says “Open for High School Enrollment”. Once you determine the course you wish take, contact the college for information on the course schedule, tuition/fees, and other requirements for enrollment.

This is a fantastic opportunity for high school students to jump start their college career especially in these economically trying times. It also demonstrates to colleges the student's potential readiness for college level work. Since all MCO participating colleges offer inexpensive in-state tuition options, these courses may save money for students heading toward a more expensive college, as an inexpensive public college course may count toward the number of credits required for graduation.

It is important that students check with their future college to ensure that the online course will be accepted for transfer credit. MCO members make no claims as to the transferability of any course.

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