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  Westfield State Collegeís Online Bachelorís Completion Program in Business Wins Award

Westfield State Collegeís Online Bachelorís Completion Program in Business Wins Award

The University of Continuing Education Association (UCEA)has named Westfield State Collegeís Online Business Management degree program as the winner of the New England Innovative and Creative Credit Programming award. This award is given in recognition of innovative and creative continuing education programming. The award honors the individuals and institution demonstrating innovative and creative programming which contributes to the success of continuing education/or community education programs. The program must be original in a substantive way.

This innovative program assists students throughout Massachusetts that might not otherwise be able to complete their degree due to a family commitment, employment obligations and geography. Through the dedication of Lynn Zayac Director of the Center for Instruction Technology and Gary Merlo, Chair of Economics and Business, this truly unique program began its development in 2007-2008, after Lynn and Gary received a college sponsored grant. Due to their efforts, they were able to cultivate faculty buy in, and simultaneously encourage faculty to attend training to learn how to use technologies required for quality online learning. With faculty and courses in place, Lynn, Gary, and Paul Bevilacqua, Program Development Specialist for Massachusetts College Online then built strong relationships with the community colleges to create a program to allow students to complete their Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, after completing their course work at the community college.

To date, Westfield has program-to program articulation agreements with 14 of the 15 community colleges in Massachusetts, and are working on an agreement with the last community college.

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